Loud Voice

You know how kids have a habit of announcing the most inopportune things in public?  In their loud voices?? Enter Mac.

We were going to Walmart the other day and prior to leaving Mac and I got into a discussion about why he couldn't wear his pyjamas to Walmart. In retrospect I should have waited to make a stand on a different issue and save my energy.

After explaining to him that no one wears PJ's to Walmart and negotiating him into some regular clothing we piled into the vehicle and drove to the store. We were walking into it when suddenly Mac yelled out (and I DO mean YELLED) "Mama!!! See?? THAT MAN IN HIS JAMMAS!!!" Harry and I quickly tried to shush him which I think in toddler language means "Yell it louder because your parents clearly don't understand otherwise they wouldn't shush you!". So he yelled it again. Harry and I looked around to see what or who he was talking about and sure enough there in front of us was a man in a work jacket and pyjama pants.  Mac was very indignant about having been lied to. (See mom?? People DO wear PJ's to Walmart!!") Harry and I were both mildly amused and a little bit embarrassed. Thankfully, PJ guy did not appear to hear him so all was not lost.

Once again, somewhere my mom is laughing herself silly. She always did say that she hoped I had a kid just like me. Mission accomplished, mom.


janelle said…
hahaha i love it! mac's such a great kid :D

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