The M Word and Eavesdropping

I started to come down with mastitis last night. Sucky, but since I got it with Mac I knew the signs and caught it earlier so I've been doing everything in my power to stop it at home. This involves lots of hot compresses, pumping and of course, breastfeeding as often as possible.

Isaac is already a little booby-goblin. It seems like he's always hungry. That's why we call him Booby-muncher, booby-man, booby-dude and all sorts of booby related things. However, even this amount of breastfeeding seems to have overwhelmed him.  In other words, he's in booby heaven.

Just now, I came upstairs from putting Mac down and I overheard this conversation between Harry and Issac.

Harry: "What did you do today Isaac?? Talk to dada!"
Isaac: *grunt* *baby gabble"
Harry: "You had BOOBY!?! No way!! Dad never would have guessed!! What else did you do today?"
Isaac: *Grunt* *whimper*
Harry: "MORE BOOBY!?!?!  How much booby can one booby-muncher eat!? *said in mock incredulity*"

For some reason, this seemed hilarious and really cute to me.

Also, we were just searching for Isaac's sussie (soother) and we couldn't find it. So I said "Well, that sucks!". It was unintentional. But I laughed. On the inside.

Thank you sleep deprivation.


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