My Favorite Things

First and foremost, I'm drinking a Green Monster Smoothie right now... yummm. I woke up this morning and was horrified to realize that I had no more frozen bananas so I peeled 4 quick like a monkey and threw them in my deep freezer. They were finally frozen enough to use so I made my smoothie... my day is looking up!

I wanted to list some of my favourite things about being a mom because I feel like sometimes I make it sound like a lot a work and not a lot of fun. While there are some long, sleepless, exhausting, frustrating and mind numbing days, there are also lots of fun, heart warming and mind-blowingly awesome moments that make it worth it. Time twenty!!

So here goes. Some of these are no brainers...

1. I love the smell of my kids. Weird, I know but inhaling the smell of their hair is like a narcotic. If you could bottle that smell and give it to stressed out people, the world would be a calmer place.

2. Baby smiles. Gums and all.

3. The way Isaac grunts and snarls while he's breastfeeding. He sounds like some kind of wild animal on the discovery channel and it's hilarious.

4. McKinley's imagination. He's starting to tell us stories and he's so creative. And his voice cracks when he gets really excited. Too cute.

5.  The way I can be totally exhausted, or frusterated or sad and one word or smile from either of my kids can totally turn my day around.

6.  Watching both of them discover the world.

7.  Little arms wrapped around my neck.

8.  Watching the kids develop their own little personalities.

9. Watching them bring joy to others.

Anyhow, that's just some of the fun and awesome parts of being a mom.


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