Two Things

Why is it that quiet always equals either vomit or mischief? Well, today quiet = mischief AND extra work for an already tired mommy.

I spent the morning decluttering (is that even a word!?) my bedroom dresser.  Mac was there "helping" and Isaac was slumped in his bumbo chair screaming. Needless to say, I was a little frazzled by the time I got done. So I told Mac that I was going to feed Isaac and then we could clean. (He loves to squirt cleaner on the walls and make me wipe it up - I know, there's something wrong with him.) So anyhow I set Isaac up on the bed and decided to visit the restroom prior to settling in with the Booby Goblin. Once I finished my business, I walked out and peeked into the living room to check on Mac. And here is what I found:

1. Mac sitting on the floor with two jars of finger paint open: red and green (maybe he was feeling the holiday spirit a little early, I don't know).

2. There was red paint on his pants, sweater and hands. He had also found the super cute hat that Isaac got from his midwife and painted it red as well. Where was the green paint? ALL OVER MY HARDWOOD FLOOR.

3.  Oh, and did I mention that he was using the floor attachment for my vacuum as a paint brush?? Yep.

So of course, my first reaction was "MAC!!! What are you doing?" He must have been able to hear the disappointment in my voice (and despair because he sure as heck wasn't cleaning it up himself) because he jumped up and got on the couch burying his face into the corner of the cushion... remember the red paint that was on his shirt? Guess where that is now??

Three hours later, now that it's clean, it's a little bit funny. At the time, I wanted to walk back into my bedroom, shut the door and cry. Or sleep.

And just now, I was sitting at the table enjoying a bowl of pad thai that I had made for lunch. Mac came up and asked for some so I gave him a tiny bowl of it to try.  He proceeded to fetch himself some raisins which he promptly added. Then he asked me to give him some cheese and crackers to add to it because "Mommy, that not yucky, that make me feel all better and I'mma feel good good good cause cheese and crackers is yummy yummy yummy."

I think he's permanently scarred from watching me make food choices while pregnant. Also, his pimped out pad thai is still in it's bowl right next to me.


janelle said…
oh dan! :( what a morning! your attitude is incredible - i can't imagine NOT sobbing. well done.
your pad thai was well-deserved! hope your afternoon has been less painty ;)

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