Well, Mac's birthday has come and gone and now he's three years old. I don't know if it was all the running around for the birthday party or the fact that he's actually three years old now but I was thinking a lot about how quickly time flies.

To make it worse, I dreamt last night that he was going to school. And if I thought bizarre dreams ended with pregnancy I was WRONG. In my dream it was two year old Mac going off to school which in my dream was just across the street from my house and down the road a little bit. The first day of school had come and I was getting Mac ready to go. For some reason, I sent him to school in just a long sleeve shirt and a diaper.

And then as I watched him walk barefoot and pantsless to school, I began to worry about him. Will the teacher know that he can't wipe his own bum? Will the teacher help him get his clothes back on after he uses the toilet? Will the other kids laugh at him because he isn't wearing pants?

When I got up this morning it was in a bit of a panic. I have to teach Mac to get dressed all by himself, and use the toilet alone and I MUST REMEMBER TO PUT PANTS ON HIM I thought. And then I realized that it had only been a dream and that Mac is three years old and already knows how to use the bathroom.

And I didn't feel better. Because although time isn't flying quite as fast as it was in my dream, it's still going at an alarming rate and I want to be sure to enjoy it because it's becoming more and more apparent to me that my kids are growing up FAST and I won't have their dirty faces to kiss and chubby arms around my neck for ever!!!

(and please always wear pants to school)


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