Funny Day

I just wanted to share all the random funnies that Mac has done today, since there's been a few.

First up, he was running around this morning in his PJ's when he found this hat and put it on, announcing "It's winter in here, Momma!!" (I'm definitely saving this one to show the first girlfriend he brings home, to put in the paper for his 18th birthday, to put in the slideshow at his wedding...)

Second: He is in love with his vitamins. I mean, lets face it, Flintstone vitamins are basically glorified candy. He's been busted asking me for them, and then sneaking off and asking his dad for them too, trying to get them twice in one day. It got so bad that we started checking with each other before giving him any for fear of overdosing him.  I was also taking two different vitamins during my pregnancy, and our extended family also takes medication for various health issues, so all in all, he's seen a lot of pill-taking in the last few months. He used to ask what all the pills were for and we would tell them that it was to make us feel better/keep us healthy. I guess he was listening because today he came up to me and said, "Momma, I need my vitamins." "Yeah?" I asked him. I guess my less than enthusiastic response had him thinking he wasn't going to get any because he answered me with, "Yeah, Momma. My throat's a little sore and my vitamins will make it feel all better." His throat is not sore.

Third: He's been getting in trouble a lot lately because he's three and that means he spends all day testing his boundaries and testing whether or not I have enough energy to discipline him when he crosses those boundaries. I guess I've been making him apologize a lot lately because today during lunch we were sharing a bowl of salsa and chips when I dropped some on the table.
"Momma, you made a mess!" he said, pointing to the spill.
"Yep, I did," I answered him after looking for the spot he was pointing out.
"Say sorry to me Momma."
"What?!" I asked him.
"Say sorry for making a mess, Momma."
Well, at least I know he's listening to me when I talk.
Also very cute, a few minutes later I offered him a bite and he took it and then said, "Oh, thank you Momma. That was so nummy."

And here are a few pictures I took. Isaac was in a really smiley mood this morning. Also, the hair on the top of his head is starting to grow back in.

Well, maybe not JUST Isaac...


janelle said…
your boys are 100% adorable! <3 love this post.

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