Mom Fail

Do you remember the post I made a while back about trying to be a "cool" mom for Mac and touching a spider to try to make it move for him, that then jumped on me, causing me to scream and freak out resulting in Mac being afraid of spiders?  Yeah, that was a mom fail moment. Well, I had an other one.

I've been trying to think of things to do with Mac that are fun, cheap and educational. We recently did chemical reactions using vinegar and baking soda which was a HUGE hit. We took an empty ketchup bottle, put two inches of vinegar in it, dumped baking soda into it then quickly screwed on the lid. Because the hole is so small, instead of just bubbling over the top it actually explodes out of the hole and goes about 10 feet in the air. I'll admit, I thought it was pretty cool too. The second time. Because the first time we tried it in my kitchen. Woops.

Anyhow, two days ago I bought some bird seed so that we could put some in a bowl on our front steps. Our front door is completely glass and I had this picture in my head of Mac and I sitting inside watching the birds eat and talking about the different kinds of bird.

Yeah no.

What ended up happening is more like something out of the Hitchcock movie Birds.  In my head, we were going to have robins, cute little tweety birds and maybe a few morning doves. What we ended up getting was crazy blackbirds with anger issues and digestive problems which resulted it tons of bird crap all over my porch and stairs. YAY MOM. And to top it off, our bedroom window is right next to the porch and the the birds seemed to be using our window unit air conditions as an octagon to stage their death matches over the little bowl of bird seed so I was treated to loud bird fight noises when I tried to take a nap this afternoon.

Yep, you might think that's a pretty bad fail, huh? But that's not even what I was talking about. The REAL fail came when I was downstairs folding laundry and Mac came down and said something about birds that I couldn't quite make out.

"What did you say, dude?" I asked him after not understanding the first time.
"The *insert unintelligible word here* birds are back, Mom."
"The what???"
"The adlfkhasdkf birds are back mom!!" *a little frustration was seeping into his voice at this point*.
"I"m sorry buddy, can you say that one more time?? Mommy didn't understand."
Yelling now.

Turns out the lesson I taught him wasn't about nature, it was vocabulary.



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