A few weeks ago I was surfing Pinterest looking at the photography section and wrestling with the dilemma of whether or not to spend money and have some pictures professionally done, have my dad who is a pretty good hobby photographer take the photos or do it myself. Normally I would just do it myself but here's the thing: I want some pictures of me with my boys and my husband takes the most horrific photos. He means well but somehow they are always either out of focus or taken at weird angles and end up making me look like a donkey or something. So that is not really an option if I want to keep some measure of pride intact.

My dad takes good pictures but doesn't do much by way of photoshopping so with a newborn that limits the possibilities if I don't want cookie cutter photos.

I have nothing against paying someone to do it but where I live I have basically three options (or so I thought): a professional photographer who charges roughly what a small car is worth and OVER photoshops their pictures to the point where you are hardly recognizable, a self taught photographer that thinks they're a pro because they read stuff online and bought an expensive camera, or sears/Walmart and I used to work there so I know exactly what I'd be getting and it's not exactly awesome.

So I was browsing Facebook pages and came across one for a photographer who lives a few blocks away from me. She was having a half price sale because she wanted to do some photos on location at a beach nearby. Her prices were low ($40!!!) and instead of forcing you to buy a package of prints she would give me a cd and I could do with it as I wanted.

Our photo shoot was today and
I should have the pictures within the next three days. I can't wait to see how they turned out. If they are as good as
I think they will be, I will be booking her ASAP to do a shoot for our whole family (I only booked Mac and Isaac for this one). Plus she has a 2 year old and a four year old so kids don't scare her.

I'll post photos when I get them. Soooo excited!!


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