Sleep... what is that again?? I forget...

In this house over the last few days it's been a commodity that's hard to come by. I have been trying to make the transition to gluten free eating (a special thank you to my digestive system for crapping out on me while I'm already busy enough as it is) and hoping that will help Isaac with his gas/pooping issues. Isaac has been struggling with the aforementioned gas/pooping issues AND Mac has been a terrorist at bedtime (meaning he gets up sixteen times after he's been put to bed - oh and he's figured out how to open the childproof doorknob covers so we can't even LOCK him in his room now. Joy.) Despite all this, Harry and I both also decided that it was time to start transitioning Isaac from his cradle in our room to his crib in his room.

Maaaaybe not the smartest thing to do.

So last night, I fed Isaac, rocked him to sleep and placed him in his crib. As I tip-toed out of his room I had a strong pang of the ever-present nostalgia that has been following me non-stop since bring Isaac home. Every single milestone he hits is filled with bittersweetness. I'm so happy to see him thriving, but it also reminds me that this is the last time I will use a newborn diaper, last time I will see the first roll, last time I will rock him to sleep in his cradle... Overcome with this feeling, I snuck back into his room to take a picture of my little man's first night in his crib.

Then I went to bed. Isaac has been doing five or six hour stretches for a few weeks now by the way. Not tonight. He went down around 9PM. And woke up at 1. And then at 3. I had just settled him back in his crib when the guy across the street decided that 3:30 AM is a GREAT time to take his motorcycle out for a ride. So I had to re-settle him down. Got him down by 4. Up again at 5. At this point I just gave up and brought him into bed with us. Where he proceeded to kick me in the stomach for the next two hours while he tried to work a poop out. Or gas. I can't be sure. When Harry's alarm went off at 6:30 I was way too tired. I looked down at Isaac who was laying beside me to see how he was and he shot me the biggest bright eyed and bushy tailed smile. Suffice it to say that by 8 AM I had no nostalgia left about Isaac in his crib. Just the deep, desperate desire for sleep.

Which I will now go fullfill. It's nap time.


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