Today was the day that (I would think) every new mommy dreads - NEEDLES. Yep, Isaac went in for his first set of shots today. My husband refuses to attend these. His excuse (for both kids) was that work was too crazy and he couldn't take time off. Really. So I've been the bad guy.

The nice thing this time was that my neighbour, who works on the pediatric floor at the hospital, gave me these cool little patches that have a numbing solution on them. I stuck them on Isaac's leg 45 minutes before the appointment. He still screamed bloody murder, so I'm glad I had them. Imagine ho bad the yelling would have been otherwise?!

On to the stats. Here's the thing. I know that Isaac isn't HUGE in the grand scale of things. However, Mac was always on the small end of the growth scale. Not stunted or anything, but certainly not big. Isaac is big.  He is 10 weeks and he's already outgrowing 3 month sized clothes. So he got measured and weighed today and ....

He is 14.5 lbs and 24.4 inches long.  That puts him in the 85th percentile for weight and he is tall for his age.



janelle said…
aw, what a tough little gobbler! he looks like he's so alert and spunky - i love how gutsy he looks in the pic of both boys together.
the first needles are so tough :( sam had his 15 month ones yesterday - so different now from his first set! that first set of needles made him cry the most heartbreaking wail, a cry that we'd never heard before. both patrick and i pretty much broke in half :(. nowadays, though, being held still is the worst part. he doesn't seem to even notice the needle, it's the horror of confinement that makes him scream bloody murder. once i let go, the tears dried up like magic :/

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