Stupid Hardness

I don't know if it's because of that weird dream that I had a few weeks ago but I've really been working on teaching Mac to get himself dressed and be more independent. He can now put on his own underpants and pants (but needs help with the snap) and can put on his own shirt. He still needs help with socks and shoes.

His big issue is that he has no patience and so gets frustrated very easily and gives up. We've been working on this together and he's getting much better.

Last night he was attempting to put his pants on and was struggling a bit with his underwear (and by struggling I mean screaming). He got one pant leg on and then was having a hard time with the other one when he turned and looked at me and said, "Mom, this is STUPID hardness!" I was a little stunned and asked him where he picked that up and he said "Bryson said that while he was here."

Ahhh, yes. My happy little blame shifter.  And because I had a good laugh, now EVERYTHING is stupid hardness. Hooray.


Em said…
I'm loving the fact that you have a blog now! This is epic!
Unknown said…
Hahaha, I've had a blog for a while, I just never posted it on facebook before :)

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