Adventures in Pastaland Pt. 2

I called my mom this morning and we decided to give the pasta thing an other try. Sooooooooo.... here's what we did today.

I made a few changes in my method.  Rather than put the flour directly on the counter and make a well in it like yesterday, I decided to use a bowl. This way, I didn't have to worry about any runaway eggs (like yesterday). It worked better this way for me. Check out how yellow the yolks are. Two thumbs up for farm fresh eggs. I used this dough recipe. I also ended up adding a little more water than the recipe called for.
  Here, the dough is resting. They said to let it rest for half an hour, but by the time we got back to it, it had been a little closer to an hour. No harm, no foul though. It seemed fine.
 We decided to try two different batches: one tortellini and one ravioli. We used this recipe for the tortellini four cheese filling. Also good. And, surprisingly easy to make. Here is my mom and Mac starting to shape them. (I was working the pasta roller). I will say that the gluten free pasta dough does tend to crack so that was something we had to fiddle with in order to find the right texture for rolling and shaping.
 Then, we made a buttercup squash ravioli. It was suppose to be butterNUT squash but no one had that kind of squash at the farmers market on Saturday so I used buttercup. Just as good. Clearly, we weren't trying to terribly hard to make them 100% uniform. It was actually HARDER making the ravioli than the tortellini, go figure. Here's the stuffing recipe for the ravioli.
 We were in a rush to finish up and clean up before Harry got home from work, so our last five ravioli were HUGE!!!

Results?? Well, the dough reminded me a bit of pirogi dough. I'm not sure if that's because it's gluten free, or if it was just this recipe. I may try different combinations of flour and see if I get a different result. It was still very good though, don't get me wrong.

The tortellini stuffing was VERY much like the kind you get from the deli department at the grocery store. I think though, that next time I make it, I will add some old Imperial cheese to it to make it VERY cheesy.

The ravioli really didn't blow me away. The stuffing was very good, but I think I would prefer a more savoury filling to my ravioli. Maybe something like prosciutto or something. I don't know, I'll have to do a bit of research on that one. And I LOVED the brown butter, but I think next time I will do a garlic brown butter rather than a sage brown butter.

All in all, it was a pretty fun (although exhausting!!) day.  I'm anxious to try it again with a different dough and see the results. Anyone have a good gluten free dough recipe they want to send my way?? Also, any suggestions on ravioli stuffing would be appreciated!! *Hint hint, Janelle - you're a food genius!! If you're inspired, give me some ideas!*
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