Bedtime with Mac

I know. Another one. It's not my fault my kid picks bedtime to display his stroke of hilarity.

It was 50 minutes past his bedtime and I was rushing trying to get him to bed. I had just finished saying his prayers with him.

Me: *finishing prayer* "Amen."
Mac: "Thank you Mommy. That was good."
*I kiss Mac and walk to his door*
Me: "OK, buddy, night night, sleep tight."
Mac: "Night night mom. Love you."
*I start to close the door*
Mac: "Mommy!?"
*Sigh, open door and ask in a slightly frustrated/reprimanding manner*
Me: "What buddy?"
Mac: "You have a good night in your bedroom OK?"
Me: "OK."
*start to close door again*
Mac: "And Mommy?"
Me: "Yeah dude?"
Mac: "Behave yourself."
Mac: "And mommy?"
Me: "Yes Mac?"
Mac: "Don't hit Daddy."
Me: "I won't."
Mac: "OK, night night."



janelle said…
must be a frequent occurrence ;) poor harry!

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