Cuteness Squared

My heart just exploded a little. OK, not really, but you know what I mean.

We've been trying to get Isaac going in the Jolly Jumper. Mac LOVED it and it really seemed to help them work the poop and gas out. Isaac has been taking a little longer to warm up to it than Mac did, but we're getting there. ANYHOW, I was trying to get a chicken in the oven to roast because we are having my in-laws over for supper tonight and Isaac was sitting in the jolly jumper actually having fun for the first time. Mac was standing in front of him just ITCHING to use it like a sling shot and give Isaac the ride of his life but he was refraining for the moment.

Then, Isaac looks over at Mac and gives him the biggest ear to ear gummy smile ever. I told Mac, "Aw, look you're brother is smiling at you" to which Mac asked (like any self respecting toddler) "Why??". I said "Because he loves you!" And then Mac leaned in and smooched Isaac and said "I love you too brother."



janelle said…
so freaking sweet! <3 it sounds like magic, watching mac turn into a big brother like that. love love love.
Danielle said…
Sometimes it's magic... sometimes I want to put my head through a wall. :)

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