Do you mean a wedgie??

Mac was playing in the sink right now. I was trying to get Isaac ready so we could leave to go to the farmers market.  I finally had Isaac ready and looked up to find Mac all wet. I went to the sink and evaluated the situation. The sleeves of his jacket were all wet as was the seat of his pants. I had just taken him for a pee so I knew it wasn't an "accident".

Mac; "Mom!! I washed the dishes for you!"
Me; "Thanks buddy."
*Taking off his wet jacket*
Me: "Why are your pants all wet?"
Mac: "I got a fudge in my bum!!"
*Mac is wearing a big smile. I'm terrified. Is he telling me he pooped???*
Me: "A WHAT!?!"
Mac: "A fudge in my bum!!"
*Does the universal sign for picking out a wedgie.*
Me: "Ohhhh you mean a wedgie?!?!"
Mac: *Looks at me like I'M the stupid one* "Yeah. I wedgie."


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