First Day of School (Prep)

Today was a big day for us!! Today was Mac's first day of school prep. This is put on by the Ontario Early Years Centre and it's once a week on Tuesday's from 9 - 11:30.  After what was the giant babysitting fail of 2010 - hysterical crying pretty much every day for 3 months and no naps at the sitters - I gave my notice and decided to be a stay at home mom for Mac's sake as well as my own. That experience seemed to scar him pretty bad because he never had issues being left with people before and after than he would cling to me like a drowning victim any time we were somewhere he wasn't familiar with.  I was told about this program by Harry's aunt who'd put her son in it and said it was a life saver for them.

I was still worried about it though. I was scared that Mac would cry the entire time he was there. When I dropped him off I talked to the "teacher" who works there and she made me feel so much better about leaving him. The only way I can describe her is to say she has the same personality as my midwife did. Soft spoken, reassuring but not a doormat. When I left, Mac seemed uncertain but not in tears. (yay!!)

During the two and a half hours Mac was there I went to Walmart and got him a backpack and indoor running shoes. (It's an angry bird backpack. Mac loves to play that game on my iPod. Don't judge me!) When I picked him up the teacher told me that around midway he asked where I was and seemed a little tremulous, but was quickly distracted by song time. About five minutes before I showed up, he asked for me again and shed a little tear, but didn't actually cry and was once again easily calmed down by the teacher. WIN!!!!!!!!

I was so excited that he did good that I decided to take him out for a celebratory lunch at Walmart. We picked up my mom and went out, the four of us (Isaac came too.) And that's when he provided me with   new material for my next kid-shaming picture. See below.

Oh Yeah, and he LOVES his school bag!!


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