I Love You More Than...

As I was putting Mac to bed tonight I was reminded why it's never smart to tangle in the silliness department with a three year old. They always win.

I had tucked Mac into bed and was about to leave his room. He was trying (Of course) to stall and get me to stay longer, and I was trying to leave without the guilt trip.

Me: "Night night, bud. Love you." *kiss*
Mac: "Love you too Mommy. Sleep tight."
Me: "Sleep tight."
Mac: "Love you."
Me: "I love you too bud. More than the moon, the stars and the sun."
Mac grins.
Me: "More than the sky."
He's giggling now.
Me: "More than... my dirty socks!!"
He's full on laughing now.
Me: "More than your stinky giraffe!"
Mac, full on laughing now.
Mac: "More than.... " *pauses to think of something, then I see inspiration hit and a look like he's had a stroke of genius comes across his face and he finishes in a reverent whisper* "... more than boogers?!?"

Mommy: 0


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