Snapshot in Time

I got this idea from Janelle over at Three Wheel Kiss who did a snapshot of her little guy Sam at 18 months. It's such a good idea, especially for someone Isaac's age because he's not as prone to doing "newsworthy" (to other people) things as Mac is. The little things I celebrate with joy like his smiles, rolling over and chuckling, aren't really exciting when it isn't happening to your child.

Dear Isaac

I can't believe how fast you're growing. You're already wearing size 6 month old clothing, and even some of those are a little short on you. Here are some other things you do/ you've done"

  • sometimes while you're breastfeeding you start laughing uncontrollably. I'm really not sure what that's all about
  • you've started waking up in the middle of the night in an awesome, talkative mood. When I stumble in to try to feed you and put you back down, you give me the biggest ear to ear toothless grin ever. You are three months old and already you own me.
  • my hair makes you smile when it's sticking up
  • you love to "talk" especially with Poppa. A few weeks ago we went to visit them and you and he talked for about ten minutes. I don't know what you were saying but you were very enthusiastic about it.
  • you hate laying on your stomach. You don't even bother trying to roll over, you just glare at us and then put your head down and YELL.
  • your angry screaming face is actually very funny. 
  • you fight sleep for as long as you can and then fall asleep in the space of two seconds. Kinda like when a dog is tired.
  • you like to watch Mac when he's being crazy. I'm not sure if you're just keeping an eye on him because you don't want to get run over, or if you're taking notes.
  • if I hold your hands you can stand up. Once you're standing, you immediately try to bite my hands. It's like a shark attack.
  • you snort.
  • you fart so loud it sounds impossible that it could be coming from you.
  • you poop very enthusiastically. And, if you are sitting on someone while you do it, you give them a big grin when they say "Oh!! Gross!!"
  • when you decide it's time to eat, you become a grumpy crying monster. Nothing calms you down except for food. We call you the booby monster.
  • when you're angry you scream so loud sometimes I hear static.
  • your smile makes everything better. I love you more than I thought was possible.


janelle said…
so precious! <3 i am in love with him, and cannot wait to hold him!

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