Stew-Gate and the Napless Beast

You read that right. Stew-gate. A nearly six hour standoff. Over a bowl of stew. Ah, the joys of having a toddler.

Ever since Isaac was born, Mac has been a little jealous of all the attention he gets. Thank God it hasn't been directed AT Isaac, it's been more towards Harry and I. I'm not saying I didn't expect it - I knew it was coming, but it still doesn't make it easy to tolerate. He's been more of a smart aleck, more difficult and more whiny than usual.

The big thing that's been driving both of us up the wall is his "I can't!!!" whine. I don't know if it's from seeing us do absolutely everything for Isaac but now Mac is trying to have us do stuff for him that he's perfectly capable of doing, and when we tell him he can do it by himself we get to hear an unending chorus of "I CAAAAAAAN'T!!!!" that makes us grit our teeth and want to bang our heads on the table.

After a particularly difficult (read SLEEPLESS) week, I was at the end of my rope. We had made the move from bassinet to crib with Isaac and he's had a few really bad nights in the process of getting settled in. Mac was in mommy-testing mode and was REALLY doing his best to push every. single. one. of. my buttons. At the same time. Oh yeah, and he chose this week to decide that naps were a thing of the past. During the week I desperately needed them. Good timing kid, good timing. Thanks.

I think Harry thought I was exaggerating how limit-pushing Mac's behaviour had been until Friday. I had a dentist appointment at 12:30 so Harry had taken half a day off and was staying home with the kidlets while I went and had my mouth excavated. I won't lie. I was kind of happy that I was leaving him with both kids in the afternoon because I wanted him to experience first hand how high maintenance Mac can be. I kissed everyone goodbye and left to visit my drill happy mouth mangling new dentist (can you tell I miss my old dentist?!). As I was heading out, Harry was starting to feed Mac lunch, with plans to go for a walk with the boys after they were done eating.

And when I got home at 2:30ish, Mac was STILL in his chair at the table. I guess he had started the "I can't" song and dance and Harry was not putting up with it. He told Mac that he would sit at the table until the finished eating.

What should have been a half an hour lunch turned into a standoff that lasted nearly six hours. (At one point, we had to put Mac to bed for a nap because he was nodding off at the table and we didn't want him to fall off his chair.) Harry and I are both pretty stubborn people but apparently Mac is no slouch in the stubbornness department either.

He ended up eating his stew fifteen minutes before I was done preparing supper.

By the end of all this, I needed a nap!! All I can say is being home with a three year old is WAYYYY more exhausting than most 9-5 jobs!!


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