Talking With Mac

My mom has a cold. Since she is basically the reason I am still somewhat sane - meaning on those days that I'm ready to stick my head in the oven, she comes over and gives me a break - I thought it would be nice to bring her some soup. Specifically, some Thai Mushroom Soup from Osaka. So we headed into town, the two boys and I, and pit stopped at the restaurant to pick up the food. I had called ahead and ordered and they had told me it would be ready in about fifteen minutes and it was more like twenty five minutes when we got there so I was fairly certain that I would just have to run in, pay for it, then run out again. So when Mac asked if he could come in, I told him no, that he could just wait in the car because I was just going to be 10 seconds. I got out of the car and closed the door behind me to Mac yelling "I WANNNA COOOOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!". I knew he wouldn't be too happy with me, so I ran in and was back in the car in a few minutes.

What greeted me when I returned to the car was an extremely annoyed three year old with a reproachful look on his face that was old beyond his years glaring angrily at me. And he said: "Mommy, that wasn't very nice." in the same tone I use with him when he's playing with a friend and he hits him or something.

Then this afternoon, we were sitting in the living room watching the Lorax and just relaxing. We are all exhausted and coming down with a cold so I wanted just to take it easy. Of course, that movie is full of singing and I was rocking out singing along, trying to get Mac to join in when he looked at me as says: "Mother." (Not Mom or Mommy. MOTHER.) 
"What?" I asked, still humming along.
"Stop it. Stop singing. You're hurting me."
"Where am I hurting you?" I asked incredulously. I hadn't been singing all that loud so I didn't think I was hurting his ears.
"You're hurting my feelings" he tells me, very solemnly.

I'm pretty sure that's the three year old version of "Shut up, mom, you're annoying me." So there it is, I got told by my three year old. Feels great.


janelle said…
hilarious!!! i think this is the day for it! my friend was dancing in the living room and her 2 year old looked at her and shook his head and just said, "no." snicker.

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