Busy Busy

I have a friend with three kids. Each kid is in at least one, but more likely two activities in the winter season. All kids are school aged. Both parents work full time. She is my hero.

I have two kids. We just put Mac in school prep and skating. Isaac just eats, sleeps and poops. I feel like we're always busy. Apparently, I am a wuss.

ANYHOW, Mac's school prep group is going OK. Last week when I dropped him off he had a full on had-to-be restrained-because-he-wanted-to-leave-with-me, crying-with-snot-dripping-off-his-face meltdown.  It was a GREAT moment. I left feeling like crap but hey, that's what school prep is for right?? ( Not making me feel like crap, just getting him used to being away from me a little bit at a time). I spent most of the 2 1/2 hours praying and hoping that he would not cry the whole time.

I showed up to pick him up and he was doing great. Apparently he freaked for about 15 minutes (poor him and poor teacher who's eardrums I'm sure he damaged) and then did really good! The last few times he hadn't participated in the class much and had been really quiet the whole time. This time, he actually did the craft and participated. Sooooooo relieved! Hopefully it gets better from here.

The second thing in which we enrolled Mac is Can-Skate. It's only half an hour long and the figure skating club helps out. It's so cute to see all these little girls with the kids.
Mac did not bad the first week and AWESOME last week. After a bit of crying (this seems to be the norm with him when we try something new) he got on the ice and stayed on the whole time. He has great balance which I guarantee he inherited from his dad since I lose my balance when I'm standing still in running shoes on a flat surface.

Isaac is thriving. And teething. He's huge. It kind of boggles my mind. He has moved into the "Industrial Strength Slobber" stage and now drools enthusiastically on everything near him. If you let him hold your finger, he also attacks it with the ferociousness of a rabid/starving Rottweiler. Thank God he has no teeth yet. He has also found his feet, and now helps me when it's diaper changing time.
"OK Mom, I'm ready. Clean me up!!"

And he talks. Incessantly. It's hilarious.  Mac was never a morning talker, whereas Isaac will lay in his crib and have full on conversations with his donkey. We listen to him over the baby monitor and chuckle. Life is good right now. Busy, but good.


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