Mac's Prayer

When Mac was younger and it was time to say his prayers before bed, he used to go on and on forever. It was never ending really and usually involved a lot of repetition.  Then it changed and the last few months all he would say was "Thank you for Jesus, thank you for God, AMEN - your turn mommy!!" and have me say his prayers at night.

Tonight was different and it was so cute. I wish I would have taped it but since I didn't I wanted to write it down. (By the way, he's been saying he's afraid of monsters lately and each night he asks me to pray that he won't be afraid of monsters).

Mac:" Thank you for Jesus, thank you for God. Thank you for Nanny, Poppa, Bryson, Uncle Mitch, Auntie Jen, Uncle Jeremy, Uncle Becky (he calls her uncle - and she likes it. It's their 'thing'). Thank you for Ramsey, Amber, Grandmaman, Grandpapa, Mommy, Daddy, Mac and Isaac (yes, he says thank you for himself.) Thank you for Kelton, and Sniffy (the neighbours dog) and Kelton's mommy and Kelton's Alex (Kelton's older brother).  Thank you for Jesus making mommy not scared of the monsters. Help mommy not be scared tonight. Amen."

Isn't that adorable??


janelle said…
awwwww! too sweet :D love him :) and you!

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