Talking (and eating) With Mac

I had to share this with you because it was one of those moments when my toddler talked to me like I was the three year old and it was funny.

First of all, let me preface this by writing two things.

1. Mac likes to play... shall we say enthusiastically (read: ROUGH) sometimes.  Part of this is that he is a boy who is an outdoorsy type and part of it is that when he gets frustrated with someone, he react physically rather than with words. We've been working really hard on that and while he is still a three year old and still has lapses of judgement, he's been doing a lot better lately. Two things we've been drilling into him are a) that it's important to treat others with gentleness, and b) HAND OFF while playing. We don't touch the other person.

2. Being a three year old brought about the "I don't like that" phase when presented with pretty much anything to eat that isn't a) a Popsicle or b) garbage (not literal garbage but food with absolutely no nutritional value).  It's frustrating to the point of making me want to bang my head against the wall because one day he will love it and the next day he treats me like I'm trying to feed him dog poop. I refuse to make a separate meal for him so suppertime has turned into a bit of a battle.

Back to my story. There are actually two funny aspects to this.  A week ago I read Mac Green Eggs and Ham. It wasn't the first time I had read it to him but it was the first time that he actually listened and paid attention and he was fascinated.  At the end of the story, I asked him if he wanted to eat green eggs and ham and he got very excited and told me yes. My plan was to use eggs we buy locally that are laid by a type of hen that produces greenish tinged eggs. However, they stopped laying before I had a chance to put my plan into action leaving me a little stymied as to how to produce this meal.

I was browsing through a Rachel Ray cookbook I own trying to find something to make for us tonight when I came upon a recipe for eggs Florentine. (Eggs cooked in a creamy spinach sauce.) I decided to try that and see if I could somehow convince Mac that something nutrient dense was actually palatable.

He was helping me reduced the creamy spinach sauce when I accidentally bonked him on the face with the handle of the wooden spoon I was using to stir. He looked at me and said:
"Mom, you bonked my face!!"
So I replied:
"Sorry dude. It was an accident. It just barely touched you though."
And he answered me with:
"Mom, you touched me. You can't just touch people!"

Thank you for that, Mac.

Anyhow, we finished cooking and sat down to eat at the table. I was doing my best to sell this meal and thinking I was going to have to go into Stage Three Ninja mode to get any of it in his stomach when I was struck by a stroke of genius.

"Mac!! Look!!" I said. "It's green eggs, just like the Doctor Seuss book!!"
He lit right up and started quoting (his version) of it.
"Do you like them in a truck? NO. Do you like green eggs in a boat?? YES!!! I like green eggs and ham!!" and took a big mouthful of it and said "MOM!!! It tastes like CANDY!!!"

I nearly passed out. My picky three year old is eating SPINACH AND EGGS and tells me that it tastes like CANDY. Once I recovered I agreed enthusiastically and we finished supper happily, with quotes of Green Eggs and Sam echoing in my living room.

Spinach = Candy.

Good to know. Maybe for Halloween I'll give him a giant bag of spinach... just a thought.


janelle said…
way to win, mom!! <3
Danielle said…
Oh, I'm not kidding myself. I only "Won" because he let me!!!

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