Bonfires and the Whole World

Mac has developed a recent obsession with bonfires. He's always loved fire, but lately even more so. Maybe it's because after a summer of campfires, bonfires and the like he's been "fire free" for a while. Anyhow, he's started this new thing where he takes all his toys out of his toy box and piles them up on the floor and declares it a bonfire, and then repeatedly warns me not to get close to it because it's dangerous and could burn me.

One day, he was very enthusiastically adding everything he could get his hands on into his fire for fuel. This was amusing at first but swiftly started to get dangerous when he started trying to add scissors and knitting needles to it. *I had an unfortunate incident as a teenager involving knitting needles and an impaled foot so I'm a little sensitive to this*

"Mac" I told him, "don't put mommy's knitting stuff on the ground, OK? It's sharp and could hurt you."
He looked at me for a minute then into our library where I had a bunch of knitting and crochet stuff sitting.
"Can I put this in?" he asked, picking up a crochet hook.
"No, buddy, take something else."
He picked up one of four bamboo double ended needles.
"This mommy?" he asked me.
"No, bud. See how the ends are sharp? If you or mommy step on that, it could poke you and hurt you."
"It's too sharp, mommy?" he asked again, picking up a second one.
"Yes, that one is sharp too."
"And this one?" he asked, holding up the third needle.
I nodded, getting annoyed. Each needle is identical. If one is sharp, they ALL are.
"And this one too mommy?" he asked, holding up the fourth needle.
"Yes, Mac. That one too" I answered, a little exasperated.
He exhaled loudly and looked at me and then said:
"Is EVERYTHING in this world sharp!?!?"

Once again, score one for Mac, zero for Mom.


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