Christmas Commercials

OK, so I've come to the realization that I am a huge sap. I used to laugh at my mom when I was younger because she would cry during movies and that type of thing. I'm worse.

The last few years, I tried to blame it on being pregnant, etc. but now I have no excuses and it's still happening.   And here it is. Every Christmas, there is a commercial that makes me cry. Not only gentle tear rolling down my cheek. CRY. Like a wuss.

When I was pregnant with Mac, it was the Sidney Crosby Timbits commercial. You know the one. The team bus breaks down and he sees all the little kids playing on the pond and goes and plays hockey with them. *insert sob here*. I know what you're thinking. Not sad at all. Weirdo.

Last year, it was the Canadian Tire commercial where the daughter takes the mom out and when they get back home, the sons have come with their families and decorated the elderly mothers home. *Kleenex please*.

This year, the winner of the Make Dan Embarrass Herself and Give Her husband Something To Make Fun Of Her For (dangling preposition, I know) award goes to Starbucks. Have you seen it yet??  Where Starbucks staff re-unite a mother and son for Christmas. I'm literally tearing up as I write this.  Also, I'm craving Starbucks. Hmm.

So tell me. What stupid things make you cry?? PLEASE tell me I'm not alone here!!!!


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