How Many Chances?

I am having a parenting dilemma. It seems as though Mac has had a sudden onset of selective hearing. It shouldn't surprise me, since when I was younger if I was reading a book, my mom would have to repeat things two or three times before I would even hear her. It was a running joke at one of my jobs (where we were allowed to read if it wasn't busy) that you could set a bomb off next to me and it would take a few minutes to register on me if I was reading an interesting story.

That being said, about half the time I have to repeat myself to Mac, it's not because he's so involved in something he doesn't hear me, it's either because he doesn't feel like answering me or he doesn't want to acknowledge me. This. Is. Frustrating. Me.

I don't like to be ignored. I understand that he's three but I feel like it is disrespectful and I shouldn't have to repeat myself over and over and over and over ad nauseum...  So here's my question.  If you have/have had little kids, how often did you repeat yourself when asking them a question/to do something? Was it once and if there was no response, consequences were applied?? Or did you repeat yourself a few times to make sure they really heard you before applying consequences?? (Obviously, common sense is necessary when determining if they are ignoring you or if they just didn't hear you.)

I feel like by repeating myself, I'm aggravating myself and getting impatient with him, which isn't helpful either. I'm not a screamer/yeller and I don't ever want to be, so I need to find some kind of method for dealing with this.



Anonymous said…
You say it once. Ask him to repeat what he just heard. If he hears you he will repeat what you just said. If he disobeys, then consequences like tme out.

Tante Carole

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