The Big Brown Shark and Booby ADD

First of all and funniest (in my opinion) of all, the big brown shark visited bath time tonight. Mac, Isaac and Daddy were all taking a bath together and I was trying to tidy up the kitchen after supper when all of a sudden I could hear Harry calling me. I yelled back and asked if he was saying he wanted me to take Isaac, thinking to myself that this was a very short bath, seeing as how they had only been in it for a few minutes and both my kids LOVE water. Harry answered me by saying I should come see... which when it's said from someone in a bathroom is a little alarming. I cautiously went to investigate and the sight that met my eyes made me laugh.

Harry had a disgusted look on his face and Mac looked a little worried and unsure about what was going on. Isaac looked relaxed and happy, with a little half obscured bubble covered smile on his face.

That's right. Isaac pooped in the tub. I won't lie. I think it's great. The image of the three of them in the tub will forever be imprinted in my mind, although in all honesty it looked more like a school of minnows than a big brown shark *EWWWW*.

I'm still giggling.

The other thing that happened today was that I noticed that Isaac has booby ADD. No, for real. He's always been a booby thrasher (he flails his arms while he's feeding and randomly grabs my collarbone, my clothes, my hands... once he almost fish-hooked me...) but today I realized he must have booby ADD. Because I swear this is what is going through his mind while he's eating:

I'm hungry!! Oh!! Look!! A booby! Yum!! *drinking* Hey check it out I see my hand.*stops drinking* Cool!! I can move my fingers. Wow!! Mom's got buttons on her shirt. Wow, her neck is really soft... maybe I'll pinch it. Mac is making a lot of noise. I have to fart. Hey!! Look!!! A Booby!!

To quote Mac:

Peace out, y'all!!


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