The Charmer and Ear Aches

We've been working with Mac on sitting at the table and staying put until he is done eating (easier said than done). He finds reasons to wander and roam. So the other night, he'd already been reminded to stay in his seat when he announced that he had to use the bathroom. I sent him to the bathroom with instructions to call me when he was done since I don't have complete confidence in his ability to wipe his own you-know-what.

Not thirty seconds after his bottom hit the toilet seat he was yelling for me so I walked over and opened the door and asked if he was finished.
"No, Mommy" he answered me, as if I were the one asking a stupid questions.
Exasperation apparent on my face, I asked:
"Then why did you call me??"
"Because I wanted to see you, Mommy" he answered me. I raised my eyebrows in skepticism.
".... because you're pretty!!" he quickly added.

I had to laugh.  Score one for Mac.

Then yesterday while I was at work it got real.  I got a text from Harry saying to come straight home from work since Mac was sick. I called him just as I was leaving to see if I had to pick anything up from the drugstore on my way home. Here's what happened.

He'd been fine all day but when Harry tried to send him to bed, he started saying that he had an earache. I guess he got really upset and kept asking for me. Harry told him I was at work and that I would come give him a kiss as soon as I got home, but that it was time for bed. He tucked Mac in and came upstairs. He later told me that the next sound he heard was Mac projectile vomiting up and down the stairs. I guess he worked himself up crying and then started to throw up and decided it would be a good idea to run upstairs while he was still throwing up.

I've always been open about the fact that I don't do vomit. Let's just say I was not disappointed that I missed that.

Then this morning when we got up, his ear had drained. So we went to the walk in clinic where he behaved phenomenally and made everyone laugh.  When they called our name (after we'd been waiting an hour and a half) I told him it was our turn and he jumped up and danced around going "Yippee yay!! Yippee yay!!" The people left in the waiting room all laughed.

Making a room full of grumpy tired and sick people laugh: score two for Mac.

Oh, and while we were waiting, we did this.

Happy Movember, y'all!!


janelle said…
aww, sorry to hear he's sick! :( poor little guy.
but way to go on the smooth lines, kiddo - maybe we'll have to make a trip in that direction so sam can pick up a few? haha.

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