Cool Finds and Tea!!

This morning I had some groceries to do and I also wanted to do a little bit of running around. There was a craft show taking place close to my house and there was also a Christmas Edition of the Farmers Market downtown which is UNHEARD of here. I know that the Market in Barrie runs all year, but not here!!  So I was pumped.  I decided to check out the Market first, then do my groceries and then if Mac wasn't in full melt-down mode, stop in at the craft show.

I scored the CUTEST pair of moccasins from the Farmer's Market. They are made by a group called the Niska Artisan Group. I looked online but couldn't find a website to link back to which is unfortunate because LOOK HOW CUTE!!!

I bought them a bit big so that they will fit him when he starts to walk. I'm so excited to see him using them!!

I did end up having time to stop in at the craft show near my house and check out what they had. I found a booth that sells the cutest stuff.  I got Mac two ties (he picked them out) and Isaac a pair of camo leggings. You can check out her Facebook page here.  I'm going to custom order some bow-tie onesies from her as well.

And today is DECEMBER 1ST which means *drumroll please* I get to start my 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar!!  YAY!! I've tried quite a few of the teas from David's Tea, but to be honest, I haven't had many of the flavoured white teas or the flavoured black teas, so this was a cool way to try a bunch. Here's what the packaging looks like this year. I have to say I FAR preferred last year's packaging. This one seems a little plain to me.

So today's tea was Buttered Rum. Here's a link to the tea on their website.  When I opened the little capsule and smelled the tea I found it was predominantly a coconut smell. Not really buttery or rum-my. So I was expecting a coconut flavour. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it though, and didn't find it all the coconutty. It tasted buttery with a really mild coconut taste. I guess the cornflower and vanilla in it give it that smooth taste (and make it very pretty to look at!).  I steeped it a little too long so there was a little bit of bitterness but I don't mind that at all. With very few exceptions, I'm one of those people that just leaves the tea bag in the cup the whole time I'm drinking. I found this one sweet enough that it didn't need any sugar or agave added to it.

Tea you tomorrow guys!! (Bahaha - I couldn't help it!!)


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