Day 2 & 3 and Totally Lost

So I know that I didn't post about yesterday's tea from my advent calendar but I've already had yesterday and today's teas, so I wasn't as excited about them as I was about day one. Yesterday's tea was Chocolate Rocket, which is a mate tea with cocoa, almonds, raspberries and chicory root. This one is an old favourite of mine, but I had to lay off the maté teas while breastfeeding because it was causing Isaac to be a VERY awake baby. Today's tea was Coco Chai Rooibos which I just discovered maybe two weeks ago. It is naturally caffeine free (HOORAY!!! Because too much caffeine = very grumpy and perpetually awake baby) and has coconut, cinnamon, ginger root, cardamom, cloves and pink peppercorns. In my opinion, the cardamom and cloves are the predominant flavours and if you mix it half and half with Birthday Cake (another Rooibos) it makes an AWESOME iced tea. Just sayin'.

On to my "totally lost" Mac story.  I've noticed lately that he's starting to imitate adult speech patterns more and more. Instead of just saying something, he's been starting his conversations with me with "So, Mom..." which I think is hilarious. So we were getting him ready for bed tonight and were doing our nightly giraffe hunt, since he always puts him somewhere next to impossible to find at some point in the evening - I'm nearly 100% sure this is a ploy to extend his bedtime. I was looking in our room for him and Mac followed me in and I asked him "Where in the world is he!?!" and Mac looked around the room and said "I don't know, Mom, he's totally lost!!" Bahahaha.

OHHHHH and - one more thing. I went to get Isaac out of his bed after his last nap and I was talking to him quietly and Mac walked in, half climbed into Isaac's crib and said "Hi sweetheart!!". What a cutie.


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