Day 4&5 and Feeding Isaac

I am starting to realize that tea is a little bit like clothes: you can love it one day and not the next. That being said I've also come to realize that the odds of me liking a flavoured black tea are 50/50. And if I do like it, it's usually REALLY sweetened. Turns out, I'm just a Wild Black Yunnan sort of girl.

Day three's tea was Salted Caramel. I am NOT a caramel person. I don't usually like it, and I had smelled this tea before and found it soapy smelling. Weird. After steeping it, I tried it hot and didn't really DISlike it, but wasn't in love with it either. However, I did like it more once it had cooled down. I think it would probably make a really good iced latte. Sweetened, of course.

Today's tea of the day was Cream of Earl Grey. I was fully prepared to love this one. I have always loved the smell of it, it's super pretty, and my dad has recently become a fan of it as well. FAIL. I don't know if I steeped it too long, or what, but it didn't taste ANYTHING like what I thought it would based on the smell. Hence my theory that tea is like clothes and maybe I will like it more tomorrow. I will definitely try this one again and steep it on the shorter side.

Mac has been asking "Mommy, can I help you?" lately when I'm doing household stuff like cooking supper, folding laundry, cleaning... etc. Usually I'm in a time crunch and his "help" makes things take longer, but for the sake of his future wife, I don't want to tell him no. Any cleaning/chores he volunteers to do will be GREATLY encouraged.  Usually he gets the "Stir the pot" job or the "Add the vegetables" job or the dusting with the Swiffer. Well, today he asked if he could help me feed Isaac. After giving him a big speech about how he MUST NEVER GIVE ISAAC ANY FOOD UNLESS I AM RIGHT THERE, I decided to let him thinking this was going to end in tears. I have a really cute video of Mac feeding Isaac but for some reason it won't work on here so I'll keep trying to figure that out. Suffice it to say that Mac was really gentle, surprisingly good at it, and hilarious to watch because whenever he would bring the spoon close to Isaac's mouth, he would open his mouth super wide too. I'm not even sure he was aware he was doing it. Too cute.

I wish eating made ME this happy!!


janelle said…
love! eating definitely makes me that happy haha ;)
when sam puts the bottle to vava's mouth, he opens his own really wide too! i think it's instinctive, to teach by example. we have awesomely smart sons :) way to go, gentle mac!
also, a tea comment: i sampled Pink Flamingo when i was in david's yesterday and i LOOOOOVE it! i often find that tea smells so flavourful, but then tastes empty - um, perfumey, maybe? but pink flamingo tasted as good as it smelled. mmmmm.

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