More Macisms and an Angel of Mercy

So these are just random things Mac has said to me lately. I keep meaning to post them when they happen, but I never seem to have time. These are just some of the tidbits that my dear son has come out with lately.

He loves to play pretend. Today while I was doing dishes he was "making" me a coffee. He walked up to me and handed it over then said:
"Here's some coffee for you Mom."
*He hands over imaginary coffee which I then pretend to drink.*
"Mmm, that's super good dude! Just what Mommy needed."
*I hand him back his imaginary cup*
"I know. I put some fibre in there for you too Mom."
Okkk... thanks for being concerned about my digestive health...

While watching Octonauts...
"Mom!!!! Volcanos can 'splode in three seconds!!!"

Also after watching an episode of the Octonauts that talks about Jelly fish...
*We're walking across the parking lot towards the grocery store. Suddenly out of the blue Mac takes my hand and starts pulling me towards the door of the store in a big hurry.*
People turned and stared, probably wondering what I teach my kid.

The last one (of course) involves bedtime. Mac has bedtime Ninja skills and seems to slowly manage to prolong the routine without clueing us in until all of a sudden, we realize that it takes 25 minutes to put him to bed and he STILL gets up twice after he's suppose to be down for the night. *sigh*. I realized it again the other night and had to once again begin the Evil Mommy Bedtime Crackdown. The second night of the crackdown, I reminded him that if he had something to say to me, he should do it while I was still in his room, not while I was trying to leave, or after I had gone upstairs. I asked him if he had anything else to say and this was his replay, as close to verbatim as I can get it from memory.
"Yes Mommy, I have a story. *pause*. SO..... like, this is my story..." (which he then proceeded to tell me). When did my three and a half year old turn into a valley girl!?!

As for the Angel of Mercy... the other day, my aunt called me and said she would be coming into town for the day and that she had a surprise for me that would make me flip. I had no idea what it could be. She showed up at my house with a wrapped box which I tore into with great anticipation and here is what I found:

I have decided to change the definition of Angel of Mercy to :"someone who brings a tired Mama her favourite brand of specialty coffee."

Thanks Tante!! Love you!! *MUAH*


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