Six Months and More Funniness With Mac

I can't believe that Isaac is six months old already!!! It's nuts. So, here is what is up with Isaac at six months:

He is HUGE. The other day, I dressed him in an outfit that Mac wore hunting with us when he was one year and two months old. And it was only a little long in the arms. Can we say pork chop? We weighed him the other day and he was 20 lbs. That's nuts.

He loves food... BUT the first time he tries something, he looks at me like I'm trying to poison him. So far he's had bananas, mangos, apple, carrots, parsnips and squash. His favourite is a toss-up between mangos and bananas. And when I say banana to him, he laughs.

He is SO INCREDIBLY VOCAL. He's found out that he can make all kinds of different sounds in all kinds of pitches. The other day, he jumped in his jumper-chair while randomly letting out bloodcurdling shrieks of joy. It was funny, in a migraine inducing sort of way.

He still LOOOOOVES the booby. But now, he doesn't get completely enthralled by it while he's drinking. For instance, sometimes while he's feeding on one side I pump on the other. Now he "helps" me pump while he's drinking. ("Help" means grabs and tries to kick the pump while I'm using it.) Or he tries to play with my hair while he's drinking (play=grab and rip out).

He wants so badly to crawl but hasn't quite figured out the physics of it. So he lays on his stomach and thrashes for a while and sticks his bum in the air and paws at the floor and then gets really really upset and decides that it's easier to roll and starts barrel rolling around the house. It's actually quite funny. I think when he figures out how to crawl we're going to be in trouble. I'm looking forward to it though because Mac never crawled, so it'll be interesting.

If you hold his hands and get him to stand up, he still shark attacks your fingers and tries to gnaw on them.

There you have it.

And now on to Mac and his funniness. These are the moments we realize that some of the things we say to him actually sink in.

I had already eaten supper tonight and was sitting at the table surfing Pinterest while Mac was still finishing up him. I was also enjoying a bar of Lindt Sea Salt dark chocolate (um, YUM). Mac was doing everything in his power to get out of eating his veggies but I was having none of it. All of a sudden he turned to me. In his hand he was holding a bean that he had decimated.

"Here Mommy, eat this."
"No buddy, Mommy doesn't want it. I already ate all my veg-"
*While I am halfway through saying this, he jams it in my mouth.*
"Eat it so you can grow real big, Mom."

One minute later...

*tries handing me a carrot*
"Here mom, eat this too."
"Dude, Mom already told you that she doesn't want any more. I already ate all my veggies, and an orange and now it's eating my dessert."
"Mommy, just eat this one and then you can be done."


Maybe he'll be a lawyer when he's older!


janelle said…
love the veggie avoidance tactics! he's a smartypants :D. please come visit! sam would burst for joy!

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