Goofy Pictures and Tooth Two

Today I decided to do a little experimenting with different settings on my camera and managed to get some really good shots of Mac in the process. This is good, since lately, whenever he sees a camera he puts on this really horrible "CHEESE" face that basically just looks like he's really really constipated...

see what I mean??? I've got a ton of recent shots of Isaac and not too many usable ones of Mac.  But not anymore. I caught some pretty cute as well as downright goofy ones of him. Check these out. (A lot of these are action shots of him trying to make Isaac, who was sitting in my lap, laugh, hence all the goofiness.)

I love this one. It's such a playful/devious look.
"Someone coloured on the wall?? I can't imagine who would do that!!"
This is what he calls his "mean" face.
This is a genuine smile from him!

I took all these pictures in aperture mode, with the largest f-stop I could based on my zoom (and slightly crappy lens). My house has pretty horrendous lighting, so in the winter it's next to impossible to get any decent shots without a flash. It's sunny today so I was trying out a high ISO (1600) with a slower shutter speed(1/30 to 1/60) than I usually like (1/250) to see what would happen.  A few pictures that I didn't include DID turn out blurry but for the most part, these aren't bad. I'll have to play around a little bit more. But I like that there isn't all the shadows and weird lighting that I usually get with my flash. Any photographers out there who want to throw me some advice are MORE THAN WELCOME TO!!

Also, I checked in Isaac's mouth and realized the reason he was SO INCREDIBLY MISERABLE the other day was that Tooth Two is on it's way. ETA is tomorrow. I'll take a picture of the blessed event when it happens.

Peace out, y'all!


janelle said…
ohhh dan, he looks so BIG! and his grown-up haircut is great :D. what a fun pair of monkeys you have!
Danielle said…
Yes, well I had to bribe him with hairspraying his hair in order for him to let me start taking pictures of him! He is fascinated with hairspray (or maybe he just likes the smell...)

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