Mac announced to me tonight that he had to poop *of course* just as I was leaving his bedroom to tuck him in, so off to the washroom we went and the following conversation ensued:

"Oh! Mom!! *lifts up toilet seat* I almost sat on the wrong part!!"
*Jumps on the toilet*
"Mom!! It's stuck! I'm trying to poop and it's not *grunt* ready *grunt* to *grunt* come out!!"
*I'm trying not to laugh*
"Dude, if you don't have to poop, don't push!! Just wait and it will come out later!!"
"But Mom!! *grunt* It's stuck in here!!" *points to his foot*
"It has to come up here *gestures up his leg* then come out my bum! *grunt*"
"THERE'S ONE!!" he announces, enthusiastically. "The rest are coming up now! I have *grunt* this many more." *holds up four fingers*

Thanks dude. Just.... thanks.
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