Pond Hockey

We had the BEST day today.  Harry, Mac and I got to play pond hockey at the cottage and we had a blast!! Mac has been in skating now since October. We didn't put him in hockey right away because (like a true ex hockey player) Harry insisted that he learn to skate FIRST so that he wouldn't just lean on his stick.  This was the first time since putting him in lessons that we had him in skates WITH a stick. He and Harry play a lot of road hockey, and he skates, but never the two together. I know I sound like a proud, gushing (read: annoying) mama, but seriously. It. Was. So. Cool.

My husband, who is pretty "cruise control" by nature, was having so much fun it was like he was a little kid again. And me?? Well, I'm excitable at the best of times, so you can just imagine how much of a blast I was having!

And when Mac tried to body-check Harry into the snowbank, he was so proud I think his head almost exploded. (Of course, then Mac tried to cross-check him and we had to back-peddle and tell him that he can't hit people with hockey sticks.)

He's a true little Canadian boy.  I LOVE IT!!
The team. (Give Isaac a year or two and he'll be right there with us!)

Post slap-shot


I'm going to be the WORST hockey mom in the history of ever. I can tell.


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