Ok, so before I get to the gushy mushy stuff, I saw this and had to post it.  In order to get any sleep at all the first few months of Isaac's life, he ended up sleeping at least part of the night in our bed. And this photo basically describes EXACTLY what it was like. Now that he's already 7 months old, I wouldn't change a thing, but at the time, some of it was a little painful!! "H is for Hell", "Booby Trap", "Snow Angels" and "The Roundhouse Kick" were frequent occurrences, let me tell ya!

And on to the good stuff. So today I got to do something that I have been both anticipating and dreading for a while. OK, I won't lie, ever since Mac stopped napping I have been anticipating it more than dreading it.  I registered him for school in September. Crazy huh??  Where has time gone?! How is it possible that I'm the mother of a kid that will be going to school soon?! I brought Mac with me, because his cousin goes to that school and I told him maybe we would bump into him if we were lucky.

Once we got there, I met the principal, who, upon hearing my last name, asked if we were related to said cousin. When I told her yes, she asked Mac if he wanted to go to see him and my shy little guy took her hand and went with her with no qualms. SHOCKER. I thought he'd be stuck like glue to my side the whole time in fear of being left there alone. Apparently not. The *very smart* staff at the school had set out crayons and paper and timbits and juice boxes for the kids so the moms could register in some semblance of peace. (I love this school already). 

I know several people who's children attend there and have always heard super positive things about the staff there so I wasn't really concerned, but I didn't expect it to be a welcoming as it was. In one corner of the lobby there was an aquarium with some kind of a reptile in it. I wasn't close enough to see what it was but Mac was standing there trying to find what lived in it and a girl I don't even know stopped on her way to wherever she was going and took the time to point it out to him. Watching him made my heart ache a little bit for the time that has already passed. Pretty soon, he won't be my "innocent" little toddler anymore, he's going to be one of the big kids!  But on the other hand, I'm so excited for him to start school. He loves learning and loves *most* people so I'm sure this will be a great adventure for him.

And on the first day of school, I'll hold it all together and send him off... and then come home and probably sob my little eyes out for my little man. Because that, I think, is what it means to be a mom. 


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