Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

We've had a rough couple of weeks lately. We all got a cold that pretty much knocked us on our butts for two weeks. Now, Isaac has it. The poor little guy has had a fever, boogers, a rash, and to top it all off, he's also teething. All this adds up to a not a lot of sleep for momma and baby. So needless to say, I'd been exhausted and am approaching a state of near incoherence. Last week during a conversation with a friend, I accidentally said Lifesavers instead of Cheerios. As in "Isaac LOVES Lifesavers. Thank God, because I can sit him in his highchair with a handful of lifesavers and it buys me ten minutes to make supper in peace and quiet." Oops.

Well, it got worse. I went out today to pick up some Advil for Isaac and decided to make a quick stop at the cosmetics counter to look for some face wash. I talked to the very friendly, very helpful sales associate. After telling her that I needed a gentle face wash that wouldn't leave my skin oily, I happily purchased a new product that I'm very excited to try.

Fast forward twenty minutes when I walked into the house and my husband looked at me and asked "What the heck is all over your chin?! Did you go out like that??"

Here I was, all proud that I had actually remembered to brush my teeth before leaving the house. Well, I apparently need to check my face after brushing my teeth because I had toothpaste all over my chin. The poor sales clerk!! The whole time I was telling her about needing a new face wash she was probably thinking I just needed a mirror!!

No one ever said motherhood was glamorous!


janelle said…
you're the best. this is hilarious and JUST what i needed. i went to dinner with friends the other night with a big smear on my face ... didn't even notice. it was enough work just getting out of the house. :S

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