We had an other pretty good weekend. We decided to spend Friday night at my in-laws house that was just built this past summer. We thought it would be fun to get away from the "city" (I use that term loosely) and just have a quiet relaxing weekend. Things have been pretty busy since I've been working 4 nights a week as a replacement in my new/old job. I won't lie - as much as I loved the tea at David's it was a lot harder than my City job where aside from dealing with the odd stupid person, I basically just park my rear on a comfy chair and pass the time as best I can.
ANYHOO, rather than describe the whole weekend in words, I thought I would do it in pictures. Here goes:

Mac and his cousin Amber getting ready for their first pond hockey game together.

Mac trying to "tag" Daddy

Me carrying Amber up to the cottage.
Me carrying Mac up to the cottage

Mac and Amber cooking up some mischief


"I'm so happy to be here!!"


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