Winter Carnival

We kicked off the winter carnival in our town today by having a pancake breakfast at St John's Lutheran Church this morning. It's the church that Harry's Muumuu attended and I think it's also where Harry did his confirmation. They had tables set up in the basement of the church and a bevy of women and men cooking up delicious looking pancakes and super yummy sausages. Even the coffee was good!!

Mac "cheesing" the camera while enjoying his pancakes and sausage.
Isaac enjoyed his fair share of pancakes too!!
Mac having Poppa help him cut up his THIRD helping of sausages...
Isaac: Pancake Coma 
Now Isaac is happily off in pancake coma-land, Mac is jumping his heart out in the bouncy houses at the school gym while Daddy, Nanny and Poppa watch and I am suppose to be sleeping but can't thanks to the yummy yummy coffee. Perfect start to a fun weekend.


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