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My old boss at the pool called me in December and asked me if I would be willing to replace the night cashier for 6 weeks while she went to Florida.  It was a Monday to Thursday gig, 6PM to close. It was a really good shift because it gave Harry time to get home from work, we would eat together as a family and then I would leave for work and Harry would spend an hour with the kids before putting them to bed. The downside was that Harry and I had barely any time to ourselves and the late nights made me a little exhausted at times. Especially when Mac and Isaac were both sick. But I digress. My point here is that although things were pretty good, the last thing I had the time for was doing any sort of blog post that required two brain cells to rub together and more than five minutes. So the things I wanted to write about kept piling up and making me a little panicky (because I'm OCD that way) that I was missing them. So rather than do it all in writing, I decided to do with pictures and writing. So here goes:

I had my niece over and she and Mac made cupcakes and then decorated them.

 This is one of the beautiful cupcakes.

 Isaac started teething and is forever pulling on his ears. I'm convinced he's going to rip them off one day.

He is also an animal.

He's got the whole world in his hands...

 It was nice out one day so Mac blew bubbles.
 Isaac took a bath *cue Jaws music*
 Dragon 2.0 is a regular occurrence at our house.
 LOOK AT THE CHUBBY FEET!! (Oh yeah, Isaac is standing now - he pulls himself up everywhere like it's nobody's business)
 Mac smiled for a picture.
 There was a leprechaun in my house...

 ...a pretty adorable one.
 And this is what happens when Mom gets distracted while feeding Isaac breakfast: he decides to feed himself.

So, now you're all caught up. Peace out!


Anonymous said…
I'm sure gonna miss you and your handsome family hun. Those boys are getting bigger by the day! I'm currently wrapped in the blanket you gave us, I haven't decided if I'll share it with the wee man when he arrives yet ;) He's 40 weeks and 1 day today...

Danielle said…
I'm glad you like the blanket. Do you need me to come over and evict the little guy??

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