The Perfect Storm

Before I start, I just want to warn any male readers or anyone squeamish that this is about PMS and periods. If this bothers you, skip it.

After I had Mac, I stopped breastfeeding him full time at six months and got my period that same month. The few months without my period were MAGICAL. I'm 99% positive I have endometriosis, which means that my period is AGONY for the first two to three days. No sleep, painful joints, sore back, cramps and the feeling that an enraged tigress is clawing my uterus from the inside. Not fun. I won't lie, somewhere on the list of reasons for breastfeeding Isaac longer, below "It's good for him" but not that much above "It's way cheaper than formula" was the perk of not getting my period right away. Isaac is now 9 1/2 months old.

The last month I've noticed that the post-pregnancy hormonal glow has been on it's way out and the usual monthly aches and pains were starting to come back. Truth be told, I'd been expecting my period a few weeks ago. But I didn't get it. And I was starting to think that something might just be wrong. Imbalanced hormones or something. Whatever. Also, I have been working until 10:30 pm four nights a week covering for someone at work while they are on vacation. I'm just finishing week 6, about to start the last week before some much needed time off.

Then last week, Mac got sick. And other stuff took a back burner to what was going on in the house. He work up Sunday night from a fit of coughing so bad that he couldn't breathe properly. Scary. That made it's way through his system and progressed to a dry-ish cough with a NASTY fever. I hate fevers. They worry me. So I didn't sleep well. He started getting a bit better on the fourth day which is when Isaac got it. And along with this cold/flu, he was teething four teeth at the same time. My poor little man was miserable. Anyone who knows my kids (or have read this blog) know that my kids are booby monsters. Nothing can get between them and booby. Well, Isaac was in so much pain that while he was still breastfeeding, he was moaning between gulps from the pain. Heartbreaking. Also, instead of feeding once, MAYBE twice during the night, he was up between 6-10 times. And that meant so was I.

By Friday, Mac was going BANANAS from being stuck in the house with nothing to do, he was looking for attention in all the wrong ways, and I was exhausted and pre-occupied taking care of Isaac who would scream blue-bloody murder anytime I tried to put him down. Not fun. My patience was wearing VERY thin with Mac, and my guilt meter was going way up. I knew he needed more attention from me (and positive attention at that) but I couldn't give it to him and things were quickly spiralling out of control. I was losing patience with Mac over things that I normally wouldn't react so drastically over.  That night, at bedtime, I confessed to my hubby that I spent most of that day trying not to shake him and sending myself to mommy time-out so that I wouldn't say things I regretted.

This past week has been the true meaning of a perfect storm.

And then I woke up the next morning to my period. LIGHT BULB!! All of a sudden, all the weird things that had been going on made sense. The dull headache for the last few days. The extreme mood swings that would make a lion step back and say "Dude, CHILL!", the desire to inhale anything chocolate or salty that I could get my claws into, the fact that I wanted to rip my husbands face off because he was snoring... *sigh*

See, my period doesn't make me weepy as much as it makes me have RAGE. For instance, on a regular day I wake up with my "rage-o-meter" at a 0. I consider myself a pretty even keeled person with a decent sense of humour that allows me to see the funny side of things instead of just getting mad at everything. Certain things trigger a little spike in my rage, such as idiot drivers who put my kids in danger with their driving. But in general I don't go above a three or a four unless I'm discussing rapists, pedophiles or people who abuse pets. When I have my period, I wake up at a 4 and it only gets worse from there. So in case you're considering visiting me, I would recommend waiting 3-4 days until this passes. Or bring chocolate. Lots of chocolate.


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