Harry's grandmother passed away today at the age of 92. She was a spectacular woman who loved her family and always welcomed them with open arms. She will be sadly missed.

Mac loved Mummu and would visit her often with my father-in-law. They had their own little ritual where Mummu would feed him a cookie and give him milk and then give him some Finnish candies. He would come home from a visit there and offer me one from Mummu.  Even in her last months when she wasn't strong enough to walk around much, he would go in and help himself to the cookies and you could just see her face light right up seeing how comfortable he was there.

If we ate there, she would always offer seconds and thirds and made sure you were stuffed so full that you couldn't possibly even look at food again for hours.

She was also a woman of very deep faith.  Two weeks ago,  I videotaped the Easter Play that Mac took part in with the Sunday School at church and brought the video to her house. When she saw him in the play and heard the hymn that was sung she was so happy and I think she was struggling to hold in her emotions.

I'll never forget the sound of her voice, when she would hug us after a visit and say "Love you!" softly into your ear.

Thankfully, she only spent a very brief time in the hospital before passing away. When I got the call, I was a little torn up about how to tell Mac. How could I explain that he wouldn't ever see Mummu again here on earth? I sat down with him and told him I needed to talk to him. I explained that we were going to go to Mummu's house, but that Mummu wouldn't be there. Why not? he asked. I tried my best to explain to him that Mummu had lived a very long time and that her heart was tired and so she had died and gone to be in heaven. He looked at me for a minute and then moved to put on his boots and said, "OK, let's go visit her in heaven!" Gotta love kids. So (through my tears) I said that we couldn't go to heaven right now to visit her but that she was with Jesus and he was taking very good care of her. He reached out and wiped a tear from my face and asked me why I was crying. I told him that I was sad and would miss Mummu. He started to get upset and said that he would miss her too. I told him that it was OK for us to miss her but that we shouldn't be sad for her because heaven is a beautiful place and Mummu is so much happier there. He considered this for a minute and then nodded.  I was surprised at how well he took it and how accepting of it he was.  He's a pretty sensitive boy, so I'm sure he'll shed some tears in the next few weeks over this, but he seemed to grasp it very well.
Mummu with Isaac, Mac and Harry

Love her smile here!
I love the look on her face here. That's the expression she always had when she was with her grandkids/great-grandkids. This photo encompasses four generations and was taken Christmas eve this year.


Anonymous said…
Such a sweet tribute for mummu! We send our sympathies for your loss. Love Wayne and Grace

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