Swimming Lessons and Poop

Don't panic because of the title. The two didn't happen at the same time... bahaha.

Saturday morning I was working and it was the first day of swimming lessons for kids registered on Saturdays.  First day of lessons always has its own special kind of chaos. Nervous parents, nervous/excited kids, instructors trying to get the feel for their new classes etc etc.  One situation that kept repeating itself was parents who wanted to pull their kids out of lessons because the kids told them they "didn't feel like doing it anymore" or parents that panicked because their child cried and decided to cancel the lessons.

You sometimes you open your big fat trap about something and the minute the words leave your mouth you think oh crap, this is going to come back and bite me in the butt? I was sitting there talking to one of the instructors expressing my surprise that so many parents just let their kids quit because they don't LOVE IT the very first time rather than using it as a way of teaching their kids not to quit. "If it were my kid, I would make him go in regardless." *snicker*

So today, I show up at the pool with Mac and introduce him to his instructor who happens to be the one with whom I had the above conversation. That should have clued me in right there that something was going to happen. THEN, when the bell rang, I walked him over to where she was standing on deck and he proceeded to melt down. The crying, hiding behind me, drooling, snot producing sort of a melt down that draws a lot of attention. I carefully explained to him that he was going to have fun and that I wasn't leaving the building, I was just going to watch him from behind the glass and then told the instructor (on whom I am sure the irony was not lost) just to take him and bring him to the water while I walked away.

He cried for all of ten seconds before he started having fun and showing off. He kept dunking himself in the water, and even did a back float and front float. He kept looking over to me and waving too. Just adorable.

After the lesson, I told him I was very proud of him for doing it and said we could stop at Tim Hortons for a reward cookie. He asked for chocolate chip. About five minutes after we stopped I heard the sound of a cookie falling and a bag hitting the floor of my car. When I got home, I had to take a picture. Check it out. Apparently, swimming lessons are exhausting.
And yes, that is his cookie tucked under his arm.
Isn't that great??

As for the poop part of the evening, I had tucked Mac into bed and was about to leave his room when he announced that he had to poop so I sent him to the bathroom and said I would be back in a minute to wipe his bum. I ran upstairs to get some tea and came back down. I asked him if he was done. His answer?
"I did one poop Mom, and I'm working on getting the other one out. *pause* It's giving me a hard time."

Nice one, kid.

Don't worry, I didn't take a picture of that.


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