Things Mac Says

Like I said in my last post, things have been happening that I haven't had a chance to post about because life is going by at a lightning fast speed right now. Here's a few things my sweet son has said in the last few weeks that I didn't have a chance to post as it happened. These all clearly fall into one of two categories: cute or embarrassing. You be the judge of which one goes where.

1.  Near the beginning of March we seemed to be stuck in a horrible cycle of snow storm after snow storm. I'm not going to lie - one day, I was so fed up of shovelling that rather than shovel the giant mountain of ice the snowplow kindly deposited across the end of my driveway I chose to go through it. At an elevated speed. We made it through, Mac thought it was a fun adventure and I was just happy I didn't have to shovel any more snow. It was all good until my husband got home and saw the tracks and realized what I had done. This is where we have to differing opinions on vehicles: I believe that I bought an SUV with all wheel drive for this purpose - to go through obstacles. My husband thinks that I will break my vehicle. Anyhow, we had a discussion about it in front of Mac. I didn't realize that he was listening until the next morning when we were getting ready to go somewhere else. I'd dressed Mac and sent him outside while I got Isaac ready. He wasn't outside two seconds before he came back into the house and dramatically announced "Uh oh!! We have a problem!!" Apollo 13, anyone?

2. Isaac is a screamer. What I mean by that is that he has discovered his voice - specifically, all the different octaves he can reach with his voice, which he then tends to do at an ear splitting volume while strapped into his high chair. This has led to a few mealtime meltdowns from Mac who isn't really fond of having roast beef with a side of shattered eardrums. One morning I was in my room looking for something while Isaac and Mac were finishing up breakfast.  This is what I overheard:

Isaac: *SHRIEK*
Mac: "Isaac, no!"
Isaac: *SHRIEK*
Mac: "Isaac, STOP!!"
Isaac: *SHRIEK*
Mac: "ISAAC!! STOP IT!!"
Isaac: *SHRIEK*
Me *dying of laughter*

3. My husband recently celebrated his birthday and one of the gifts he received from his parents was a card full of scratch tickets. He was sitting down at the table scratching them and Mac was helping him. Seeing as how my kid is pretty creative, I asked him "Mac, what are you going to buy Mommy if you win?" He stopped what he was doing and his little brow furrowed with deep concentration. I was waiting for him to come out with something like a giraffe, a house, a boat... nope. After a minute of deep thought, his little face lit up and he said "A toast!!!". Thanks kid. Just... thanks.

And last but not least...
4. Today. Ohhhhh today. First, let me give you some background. He's a little boy. And as such he is going through the hitting phase, much to my discontent. So lately, when I know he is going to play with other kids, I take him aside before he joins them and remind him to play with gentleness, that we keep our hands to ourselves and that we don't hit.

So today I dropped him off at school. In the cloakroom I went over the gentle play blah blah blah speech, then I gave him a kiss and a hug and told him to go play. Just as I'm exiting the door with one of the other mothers, he runs to the door, leans out and calls out: "MOM!!!  DON'T HIT ISAAC AT HOME, OK??" loud enough for the mom I'm beside to hear, the teacher in the class to hear and probably anyone around to hear. I'm sure I turned beet red and I wanted nothing more than for the floor to open up and swallow me.  I explained the background to the mom beside me (who I had never talked to before this day) and thankfully, she understood. She said her little boy used to go up to strangers and ask them if they had a penis. Thank God it's not just my kid.


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