My Date With Mac and Other Calamities

I've noticed that it's become increasingly important that I spend one on one time with Mac. Usually I can tell that he needs a "date" with me when he starts acting out and generally not listening to me.  I guess I never noticed it that much until I had Isaac and Mac didn't have all my attention 90% of the time. Anyhow, today Mac and I had a much needed "date". My mom agreed to watch Isaac while we did some errands and some fun Mac-type things.

The first thing we did was go pick up my new gas card for the Sarjeant Fuel card lock in town here. Living this far up north means that we pay and arm and a leg for fuel. After getting a card from Sarjeant, we pay 6 - 8 cents less per litre. Also, the pumps are located right next door to where my brother in law works, so while we were there we popped into his office to say hi. Mac was a little star struck - how many little boys have an uncle with access to huge concrete trucks, backhoes, etc.

Then we went to pick up eggs from a farm. After that we went to the humane society and took a dog for a walk. This time around we got Peanut, a little Bichon-Frisee type of dog. I'm really not one for small dogs, but this one had a really nice temperament. I was surprised at how Mac took to him. Maybe because he was so small Mac found him less intimidating or maybe it was because he was pretty calm for a small dog. I think the only small dog he's been around before is my friend's Morkie who is VERY friendly but also VERY enthusiastic (jumps all over you in an effort to give you as much love as possible the entire time you're around him). We brought Peanut back JUST as it was starting to rain.

Then we stopped at Canadian Tire, and then Micheals to look for a gift for Isaac's birthday. We went to Winners after that and found the cutest little wooden toy from Melissa and Doug - it's a box with a round hole and it comes with a hammer and some balls. Basically, they just hammer the ball into the hole and it comes out the other side. I know Isaac will love it - and Mac will likely use it too. We followed Winners up with a visit to the photo booth. Our favorite one was out of order so we had to use the crappy other one, but Mac didn't seem to mind too much.

Then *drumroll please* it was lunch time. Mac gets to pick what we eat on our dates so he chose...
Eat your heart out, Grandpapa!!!

Then date morning was officially over. We went and collected Isaac and then returned home. We had a blast.

However... this post wouldn't be complete without something devious. When we arrived home, Isaac was exhausted and had a five-alarm meltdown. My attention was completely absorbed in changing him and getting him nursed and then to bed and so Mac was left to occupy himself while I did this.

I noticed during the course of preparing Isaac for bed that it was HOT. It was humid today, but all of a sudden, it seemed scorching!  I put Isaac to bed and then came out to the living room where I soon realised that Mac had CRANKED the thermostat to 30. It was already 25 in my house. Hooray. It's like taking a trip to the tropics, without any of the perks!

He wandered off while I started supper. All of a sudden I noticed that I hadn't seen him in a few minutes and *mommy radar going off BIG TIME* it was very quiet. I found him in my room, like this.


This explains a lot!

On that note, date day was officially over.


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