The Catch-Up

Once again I have fallen woefully behind on blog posts but I have a good reason, I promise.  Or should I say reasons. But I don't want to get too deeply into it because I'll go to a bad place. Instead I'll give a brief written synopsis which I'm sure will convince you that in the last two weeks, my life has become a country song.  Because if I were to get into it, I would have to describe how after weeks of wishing for warm weather, it finally arrived. Accompanied by a flooded basement the Monday before we were set to go to Sudbury for Harry's laser eye surgery. During a week where I had agreed to work Monday and Wednesday nights. And on Wednesday of that week - the day before we were set to leave - I broke my toe, right before Mac's swimming lessons... during which he chipped his tooth. Despite this crappiness, we decided to go to Sudbury anyway... and halfway there we had to pull over because we were about to lose a tire. After re-torqing it on, we continued to Sudbury and arrived at our appointment fifteen minutes late because we got stuck in construction. (At this point, Harry looked at me and commented that he was starting to think maybe this wasn't a good idea since so many things were going wrong.) Did I mention that we got a chip in the windshield which turned into a crack that crossed the passenger side field of vision?
HOWEVER, since I am an optimistic person, I will look at the bright side. Mac got a completely new bedroom redo and got to choose his paint colour, I will eventually have the chance to re-decorate my basement rec-room and all the snow is gone. The rest is history. So here are some photos to commemorate the last two weeks of our life.
Original Dragon Version 1.0 made an appearance

Version 2.0 tried his best to keep up

Two cool dudes 

My pepper plant started flowering. Oh, and I found out that red peppers are just ripened green peppers. I guess I didn't have to by a seed packet of each, huh?
Isaac got to hang out outside without all his winter gitch

Our basement, post demolition.

Mac's bedroom - post floor removal

Ahhhh, Starbucks.

Mac helping re-paint his bedroom in the color of his choice: Dragon Fire
Isaac practising his Robert Dinero impression

Hamming it up for the camera.

And lastly, a picture montage of how to properly enjoy an ice cream. I present: Isaac having a happy McHappy day.

Duuuuude, this is soooo good...

PS : This was Mac trying to share his ice cream cone with Isaac in the car.


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