Bad Breath and Where Babies Come From

I was tucking Mac into bed tonight. During our discussion, we started talking about babies. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Mommy had two babies in her belly - I had you in there first and Isaac in there after.
Mac: Two babies??
Me: Yes
Mac: To get a baby in your belly, it gets big and then your ear falls into it and turns into a baby.
Me: *Pause* OK...

And then I went to kiss him goodnight. As per our regular routine, I kissed him and hugged him. Then I jokingly started giving him little pecks which he usually returns. Tonight, he pushed my face away and says:
"Mom, don't kiss me. I don't like your breath. Did you eat a spicy gum?"

Note to self: If I want goodnight kisses from my almost four year old, don't chew gum.


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