Mac's At It Again...

I'll do a post about our camping trip soon, but since I've only just emerged from the pile of laundry created by that trip, I want to share this before I forget.

So if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know full well that Mac has a knack for asking questions I don't want to answer. Well, he did it again.

Friday night, I made last minute plans to see Man of Steel with a girlfriend. I ended up having half an hour to shower and get ready before I had to leave to pick her up and this fell into the time slot of Mac's bedtime, so Harry got to put him down that night.

I was showering frantically, trying to get clean as quick as possible when all of a sudden through all the suds I hear a tap tap tap on the shower door. I wiped the soap out of my eyes and looked out to see Mac standing at the shower door practically dancing in anticipation of the question he wanted to ask.

Mac: "Mommy!!!"
*I open the door a crack*
Me: "What dude?"
Mac: "What comes out of where your pecker is?"
Me: "Um.... wha...I don't... Dude, Mommy doesn't have a pecker..."
Mac: "Well...*he tries to peer around the door into the shower at me and I'm doing my best to hide*... what do you have where your pecker is?"
*At this point I'm thinking I'd like to kill his father*

And I was faced with the all too common parenting decisions: do I go anatomically correct, or wuss out? And bear in mind that this conversation is taking place while I'm naked.  Awkward.

I totally wussed out.

Me: "It's called a Hoo-Hah."
*Mac's eyes light up with his newly acquired knowledge*
Mac: "A HOOHAH?!!?!?"
*He runs out of the bathroom back to his bedroom yelling*
Mac: "Daddy!!! IT'S A HOOHAH!!!"

DON'T JUDGE. If your almost-four year old approached you while you were naked and asked anatomy questions, I challenge you to tell me you would do differently.

Oh, and my dear husband? I asked him if he had sent Mac in to ask me that. His response? A snicker and the comment that "well, I didn't know what to tell him". Thanks buddy. Good team work!


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