Nagagami Campout

I recently took the two boys camping. We went to my aunts' Outfitter camp in Nagagami. Harry had a TON of work to do on our house, and it wasn't going to be a lot easier on him to do it while the kids were away.  I've done this trip with my mom twice before.  I did it when Mac was 10 months, and a year and 10 months. I didn't do it last year because I had just had Isaac so it was nice to get back out there. And the bonus? My cousin is his awesome wife (read her blog here) met us there with their two adorable kids - Sam who turned two in March, and Vava who turns one in October - and spent two and half days there with us. I had to post pictures because Nagagami always produces great pictures.

So here it is - our trip in pictures.

Isaac lovin' the dandelions in Nagagami

Sam and Mac trying to get the transports driving by to honk 

Grandmaman and Mac trying to get the transports to honk.
I took Mac fishing at a little creek nearby. The bugs were awful and he said he was cold so I gave him my vest. This is my favourite picture of Mac from this weekend.

Vava and Isaac having a bath in a Rubbermaid tub

Sam also loving the dandelions

Beautiful Vava

Seriously, the happiest baby EVER!

Our awesome helper 
... and gopher (he was bringing us Isaac's shoes).
Vava and some pretty awesome product placement.

Sam and Mac inventing their own game.

The friendly visitor right in front of our cabin.
Isaac, hulking out.
Vava and her mommy Janelle. This is one of my favourite pics from the weekend.
Isaac being goofy.
Cutie Pie
Isaac got a hold of a cheese and crackers... 

... and covered himself in cheese.
Then he needed a drink.
Waving at the cars driving by.

Last day in nagagami - we meant to take this picture before P, J S and V left but forgot. Clockwise: Matante Sue, Uncle Rick, my mom, Me, Mac, Isaac and Grandamama Marcie.
Grandmaman Marcie and the boys.

I also really love this picture!
Isaac getting in some last minute moose calling with Uncle Rick.

The view of the river.

It was so nice to get out of town and be in peace and quiet for a while. We always take turns making supper for the gang and we just fend for ourselves for lunch. On her night, Janelle made salsa burgers with coriander chutney and it was AMAZING. I tried to recreate them once I was home but it wasn't as good as hers. Janelle is a FOOD GENIUS! We're already making plans for next year :)


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